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Gidon Kremer / Kremerata Baltica / Happy Birthday
Gidon Kremer / Kremerata Baltica / Happy Birthday
22 €1xcd
Ole-Henrik Moe / Ciaccona / 3 Persephone Perceptions
Ole-Henrik Moe / Ciaccona / 3 Persephone Perceptions
EAN: 7033662020683
Tuotenro: RCD2068
Lisätty valikoimaan 21.10.2011

Saatavuus: Muutamia jäljellä

22,50 €2 x CD
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"Ole-Henrik Moe (1966) is a composer and musician of extraordinary talent and originality who has never really found his place inside the various music scenes in Oslo and Norway. Too extreme even for the most openminded in academic music circles, his likeminded will most likely be found among followers of sound artists like Deathprod, Maja Ratkje and Lasse Marhaug or composers like Scelsi, Feldman and Varese. This double cd contains some of the most extreme solo violin music ever written, performed and recorded. Two pieces lasting 40 and 43 minutes, both pushing the performer to the edge when it comes to endurance and concentration. For the recording of these pieces the composer, himself a more than capable violinist, was happy to leave the difficult task to Kari Rønnekleiv, an accomplished player perfect for this kind of challenge. Liner notes by Cecilie Ore and Rolf Wallin." (label info)
1. Ciaccona
2. 3 Persephone Perceptions
Säveltäjä: Moe, Ole-Henrik, (1966 -)
Esittäjä: Rønnekleiv, Kari, viulu
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